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Looking for inspiration?

Step inside any of the eight Paardekooper Stores and see, touch and experience an extensive collection of packaging and disposables that reflect the current trends, themes and season. A visit to a Paardekooper Store is well worth it.

The packaging Stores are clearly organised into sections for the food, luxury, hygiene, office and industry markets. This makes finding the products you need fast and easy. And when you’ve found them you can take them away with you immediately. Handy when you need something quickly.
If it’s advice you’re looking for you are also very welcome in a Paardekooper Store. Our packaging advisers have an average of twenty years experience. They will soon find the answer to your question.


As an entrepreneur you have more than enough to keep you busy. At Paardekooper we understand that all too well. It’s why we’ve made our Stores efficient one-stop-shops.

You won’t only find packaging and disposables in our Stores, you’ll also find a wide range of expendables, such as office requisites, cleaning products and decoration material. And you can also arrange packaging printed with your company’s name very easily while you’re in the Store.
One stop, one reliable contact point and everything you need found and ready to take away very quickly. That’s shopping in a Paardekooper Store.

Packaging and disposables printed with your name

A Paardekooper Store is the place to go for all your packaging and disposables printed with your name.

Virtually every product on display in the Stores can be printed with your logo and/or in your house-style. This is handled by the creative, experienced designers in our advanced Grafimedia Centre. Every packaging material puts its own demands on the printing and our designers have all the necessary experience of materials and printing techniques. With Paardekooper your house-style will always be in good hands.

Are you looking for a completely new range of packaging tuned to your specific product? If so take a look at

Special Actions

Profit from our unique Special Actions

Every three weeks we publish a new edition of our digital Special Action folder full of amazing deals. Check out the current bargains in the digital folder and pop into your local Paardekooper Store. Or order your packaging and disposables at the special action prices direct from the webshop.

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