Working for Paardekooper

Step inside the dynamic world of packaging and disposables. Experience the drive and vivacity of an ambitious family business in which the employees form the foundations of the organisation. That’s working for Paardekooper.


We set great store by a personal approach, but at the same time Paardekooper has a performance-oriented culture. We give our employees the freedom, space and opportunity to develop themselves. Ownership is definitely appreciated, entrepreneurship is important to us. We also stimulate education and training and regularly organise both internal and external training courses. There’s a great deal of knowledge within Paardekooper. Knowledge we gladly share with our colleagues to help them reach a higher level.

Work enjoyment

We believe being ambitious and enjoying your job go together. Which is why we offer our employees all kinds of facilities: a listening ear, a helping hand, training and, because we believe people work better together if they also have fun together, we also organise regular company outings and on the last Friday afternoon of every month one of our departments organises a themed get-together in our stylish company canteen and bar.
Our approach enables all our employees  to make the best of themselves.


Would you like to work for one of the most progressive packaging companies in Europe? Do you like variety, are you enterprising and do you enjoy a challenge? Who knows, maybe we are looking for you! Open applications are always welcome. Or take a look at our current vacancies.

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Head office

Paardekooper’s head office offers a wide range of jobs: From administrative assistants to canteen staff, from advisors to purchasers, from marketers to sales representatives. One person may focus primarily on obtaining the right purchase price and quality, another may concentrate on creating an attractive packaging design. At the same time, someone else is ensuring we can do our jobs thanks to an up-to-date computer system. Our company is the sum of all these specialists.


For many clients our Stores are the physical face of Paardekooper. The staff in our Stores are both sales assistants and packaging advisors. Every day they help clients choose the right assortment of packaging. They prepare estimates, keep abreast of stocks and ensure the Store always looks attractive and well cared for. The focus in the Stores is on cooperation. Cooperation with the client who is looking for the best, most suitable, packaging. Cooperation with colleagues so the Store always looks its best and the client is assured of excellent service.


From the webshop and the corporate website to social media, we work continuously on our online visibility. Every day our online marketers make sure the right information is available in our webshop, e-mail newsletters and Social Media sites and pages. They also manage, improve and expand all our digital marketing. As the e-commerce landscape is continuously changing both an immediate response and a long-term forward-looking strategy are needed.


Every day we process over 1,000 incoming and outgoing pallets of articles. Every day an average of 20 trucks drive around delivering clients’ orders and restocking our nine Stores. This adds up to over 500,000 picks of articles from our warehouses. We are renowned for our excellent logistics and high delivery reliability. We also strive to make the best use of the load capacity of our trucks. From the collecting together and booking in of orders and the processing of incoming stock to strategic plans. From fork-lift truck driver and order-picker to planner. Together we keep the business moving.