It starts with an idea

Paardekooper’s packaging experts turn every idea, whether global or concrete, into a new packaging product. That’s why WrappIDup is also known as the ‘ideas factory’. WrappIDup offers a range of products and services to support the entire process from idea to creation. From a wrapping workshop and trend session to a personal mood board and realistic Visuals. Ideas become reality with WrappIDup.

A complete overview of our products and services can be found on www.wrappidup.en. Discover it for yourself and ‘step inside’ our ideas factory.

Wrapping workshops

In our WrappIDup wrapping workshops you will learn the art of efficient, fast and, above all, beautiful wrapping. During the workshop we demonstrate various wrapping techniques and inspiring tips and tricks. You will be able to amaze your customers with an original gift packaging. Our wrapping workshops make giving and receiving gifts even nicer.
We also spend time on uniform wrapping techniques and creating an own ‘signature’ look as a component of brand recognition. Clear guidelines for wrapping gifts results in faster wrapping. This will certainly benefit both shopkeepers and customers in busy periods.

Forthcoming workshops

Register for one (or more) of our wrapping workshops right now. You can register up to one week before the workshop.

The price is € 30 per person or, if five or more people from the same company register, € 25 per person. The prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Paardekooper retains the right to cancel a workshop if fewer than 10 people have registered. If possible we propose a new date. We will, of course, notify you of any changes.

Currently there are no workshops planned.