Mad about packaging

We take pleasure from an eye-catching bonbon box, an audacious bottle packaging or a stylish shopper. This enthusiasm is apparent in everything we do. We grasp every request, whether small or large, with both hands. Saying ‘no way’ isn’t our way – there’s always a way, a creative solution, and our packaging experts find it every time.

How can the packaging make your brand and/or product even better?

For us this is the question everything revolves around. Packaging must protect, preserve, inform and entice a sale. It must also meet demands in the field of user-friendliness and environmental responsibility. We take all these demands into account and help you put together an efficient selection of either standard or made-to-measure packaging.

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A family business

Paardekooper has been active in the (inter)national packaging market since 1919. Over the years we have grown into one of the largest players in the market. Yet we have always remained a closely-knit family business with short lines of communication and a high degree of involvement in every order.

Paardekooper ranks among the hundred largest family businesses in the Netherlands. We’re proud of it, especially as we began as a small-scale paper-goods supplier. At that time our main product was potato bags, which we supplied to farmers in the region. Now we supply clients in around seventy countries. And not just with potato bags. We also supply packaging, disposables, expendables and hygiene articles for diverse markets.

Tradition and innovation

Although a lot has changed one thing that hasn’t changed is our attitude. Tradition and innovation go hand in hand at Paardekooper. Personal attention, a high degree of involvement with every packaging request and ‘everyday’ hard work. Just as Paardekooper Senior did it. It’s made us what we are today. Along with our passion to (continue) innovating so we always continue to surprise and amaze clients.